How Do You Know If He’s The One? [Dating Stats]

How Do You Know If He's The One

We have been asked hundreds of times – how do you know if he’s the one? And here is the straight off answer to your question.

We conducted a survey on our partner Instagram page asking people how do they know if he is the one for you, and how would you know?

The answers were amazing!

What most of the people thought other people wanted was something that they didn’t even want.

Over 70% people in our survey said that emotional support is a sign that tells he’s the one for them. 

DatingsApp Survey

Within 1.5 hours, 56 people out of total 80 people said that they consider Emotional Support as a deciding factor if he’s the one for them.

is he the one for you - poll on instagram

Then, after 3 hours of the poll on Instagram, the numbers increased to 82 people in favor of Emotional Support.

is he the one for you - poll on instagram - 2

Now, those who chose the last option, “Anything else,” they gave answers like, supportive, understanding, loyal, compatibility, caring, respecting, trusting, and more. So basically, different people have different priorities.

how do you know he's the one - datingsapp

Now, how do you know if he’s the one for you? Tricky question, right?

We know! This is why, DatingsApp is writing this blog on the signs he’s the one. And let’s start how to know he’s the one for you.

You won’t seek his attention – it’ll be there

Before you even ask him to look at you or crave for his attention, he won’t really let that situation come. Yes, a lot of guys are into games, they love to nibble that joystick with their thumbs, but they’d definitely love to use that thumb somewhere else as well.

*Wink Wink*

You already know where.

You wouldn’t really have to go and ask your gal-pals, “is he the one,” because things would be already so clear and right in front of you.

Sometimes, even if he’s right, he’ll choose to lose

We know that the more a couple argues, the more they have the chances of making things right. And you can’t really say things are right, unless some things are going wrong.

is he the one

Now, when you both fight or argue over petty reasons, he may choose to shut himself or say that it was his fault for the sake of saving the relationship.

You may not be able to recognize this thing, but if you are able to recognize this beautiful trait in him, you should appreciate it, and make up for it. Such guys are precious, and you should not lose them. This is one of the most clear signs he’s the one.

He introduces you to his family

How do you know he’s the one if he doesn’t even introduce you to his family? Well, yes situations may be different in some of y’all’s cases. Maybe your family is against a love marriage. But, if they are okay, then maybe he wouldn’t feel afraid of introducing you to his family.

signs he is the one for you meeting family dinner introduce

Yes, if you both are comfortable with each other, then maybe you’d crave to know his mom as he’s already gotten you so much interested in his family.

Maybe he won’t be able to introduce you directly, but he may start by sharing your stories to his mom or anyone in that case. And if you see this happening, consider him as the one for you!

Sex can be skipped or even delayed

Sexual comfort is something which is a big issue for some people. It’s okay that you don’t want to feel that right now. But, if he is constantly asking you to meet and putting his hands here and there, then it’s a big red flag for you.

How to know he’s the one? He’s definitely not looking for opportunities to get physical with you. If this is what he wants, or you want, then you should know the concept of hookup.

At times, you can even work out and be satisfied with dry humping.

He will help you in your professional life

Things are changed in modern day relationships. Men are not the only working members in a family. Today, more and more women are continuing their professional careers after their marriage as well. So, as you go to your office, there’s absolutely going to be issues which you would definitely want to talk about. And there could be no one better than a partner who mutes the television and listens to you rant.

If she shows these signs, well, maybe not always, then you should know he is the one for you.

You feel comfortable with him

Oh God! We can’t stress on how important this one thing is. Feeling comfortable with and around him is and should be the most important thing. Like, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when it comes to sharing different things with him.

couple comfortable silence hug partner

If you feel slight uneasiness when talking about some things, that’s also okay. But, it should not look like, you’re feeling like this because he may completely end the relationship with you. That should not be the case with you.

But yes, before asking us how do you know if he’s the one, ask this question to yourself whether you feel comfortable with him or not.

He protects you, even if he’s weak

Strength does not come from the muscles, it comes from the heart. If you live in his heart, you’ll always give him the strength and be the reason he fights for you. But that does not mean that you give him weird jealousy reasons to fight for you.

No matter if a big dude comes and tries to molest you, he is going to raise his voice. He’s ready to get beaten up. And this is one of the biggest signs he’s the one for you!

He respects you

Respect is give and take. If you are treated badly by someone, you lose respect for them. Similarly, if he lowers his voice while talking to you, understands your past, and ensures to give you a safe environment, you already know that there’s no other right guy than him.

is he the one god has for you

Respect is something that everyone deserves. No matter what, if you both don’t know each other, you can’t disrespect them just because someone else does that. So, if he’s trying to follow the disciplined side and shows respect, you shouldn’t be looking for an answer on how do you know if he’s the one.

He understands your silence

Sometimes, we don’t really need anyone’s advice. We don’t even want people to talk. We know that some things can’t be fine and all we need is someone to listen to us. That’s it.

Other times, there can be a situation where you both can be arguing with each other for something. And while you remain silent over something, he understands it, and makes up for it. The guy who is meant for you will ensure your silence is heard. It is one of the signs God wants you to be with someone.

Your physical to emotional chemistry is awesome

If you’re a couple who just broke up, and you’re here looking for an answer to how to know if he was the one, then this one can be considered. You can consider how your body tunes to his rhythm.

Even if we ignore the sex part, you can still consider how you both behave when you are meeting in public. You can think about all the times when he held your hands, or how you came closer while walking on an empty and dark street, and all other situations like that.

If this interests you, read if men get emotionally attached after getting physical.

You can also think about how you “help” move your body while you’re making out. So, all of this can be summed up to understand your physical to emotional chemistry. And this is one of the best ways to know if he’s the one God has for you!


These were the top 10 ways to know if he’s the one God has sent for you. Nature gives the signs and if you’re a little conscious, you’re going to receive the signs and know which direction you’re heading to.

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