How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – [Sure Shot Way]

how to tell if a guy likes you

Every other day, every other person wonders about the signs a guy likes you. It’s been quite some time, we’ve also witnessed some good amount of people asking how to tell if a guy likes you.

Well, to be honest, a lot of guys are not good at expressing themselves. It can be extremely unpleasant to understand and decrypt the signs and understand them wrong. It can make situations more confusing, embarrassing, and may end up spoiling the bond you both have.

So, if you are looking to know a way that tells you the signs a guy likes you, here are some of them. These are the signs a guy is into you and for sure, it’s going to be of big help!

So, starting with the blog now. Number 7 is a very important point. Don’t miss it if you’re here to understand how to know if someone likes you.

He supports you even when you’re being stupid

One of the signs a guy likes you is that you will feel supported. Affirmations are going to play a big role here. He will act mature at times and will help you choose the right path. There may be chances that he would end up saying somethings that he shouldn’t. Like assuring that you were right, even if you were not.

It’s very easy to tell if a guy likes you. If he is doing this, for sure there is a good chance with him.

But beware, that you should only ask for reciprocation once you’re sure he’s into you.

Nervousness is a sign he likes you

Nobody feels nervous unless that thing matters to them. If it’s not important to them, guys won’t ever feel nervous. Nervousness is a sign that you matter to them. If you’re asking how to tell if a guy likes you, the answer is, observe him. If he feels nervous and wants to ensure that everything goes well when he’s with you, you can say that he likes you.

He’s asking you to meet

Firstly, if he’s talking to you, he’s probably attracted to you. So, one of the things that will clearly tell you the signs a guy likes you is that he will give you his precious time. These days, it’s very difficult to ask for someone’s time. Yes, there can be a possibility that the guy will show more interest in the beginning of the relationship only. But, if he is still going strong even after a few weeks, you can take it as a clear sign to tell if a guy likes you.

He’s not on his phone when you meet

So, you’ve got him to meet you, or the fact that he got you to meet him. But what next? Is he even doing anything that you should be doing? Using a phone too much while you are meeting someone is a big big turn off. No matter who it is, a man or a woman, if you are on your phone while you’re meeting your partner, is the way you can consider how to tell if a guy likes you or not.

So, these are some of the most basic ways to tell if a guy is into you or not. If you have observed these signs in your guy, you can tell if he is into you or not.

Now what’s next?

The next part is what to do with all these signs a guy likes you.

Don’t overthink over one signal

It’s one of the most common issues faced by many women out there. When you’re asking how to tell if a guy likes you based on one signal that they may have thrown intentionally or unintentionally, you commit this mistake.

So basically, don’t overthink or find new signals from the way they talk. It’s very much likely that you may end up day-dreaming whether they’re into you while you’re with them. So, don’t make this mistake while understanding how to tell if a guy likes you. If you’re overthinking over petty stuff, then TSIF!

So that was all for the part whether he likes you or not. Now, in case you want to know if he loves you, and if he is the one for you, read this!

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