How To Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating

how to tell if partner cheating

If you are in a relationship and you think that this is not going how you thought of it. Or, if you are someone who just came in a relationship all of a sudden, then this one’s for you. If you have been in some of these situations, then the chances are that you may be wondering whether what’s happening between you both is right or not. Sometimes, you may think that it doesn’t really feel like a relationship, and something like that. At times, you may ask whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not. So, if you have such a question, then this blog is for you.

In case you are looking for the signs of a cheating girlfriend, then do follow what we mention below.

how to tell if a partner is cheating

So, the steps on how to tell if partner is cheating are as follows.

1. How does she behave at times

You need to calm down right now and think about what’s going on between you. There’s absolutely a human behavior to all life aspects. And thus, you need to check out how your girlfriend behaves to certain things like when you say something or do something. So, you need to check if she’s behaving alright or is there something that’s bothering her.

2. She is never ready to share stuff

cheating girlfriend will never share anything - signs of cheating gf

As a couple, communication is the basic pillar that helps you to keep your relationship going. If you are not communicating, you guys can end up in a breakup very soon. So, if your girlfriend never talks about things in detail. No matter how busy she is, if she is not ready to talk about things in a relaxed manner, then it can definitely hint that she is cheating on you.

3. Something is fishy when she speaks

physical signs your wife is cheating - she will sound fishy

If you want to know how to tell if partner is cheating on you, then this one would be really helpful. There may be times when the girl may say absurd things to you when you are talking. She can also just switch some topics all of a sudden and you would never come to know why she did that. And it is a very manipulative feature in a lot of girls.

So, you need to observe how she is reacting to things when you both are together or talking online. If you feel that something fishy is there, trust your instinct. Because most of the time, it’s the nature that’s telling you that your girlfriend is unfaithful and cheating on you.

4. All your talks end up on one or few topics

If you guys talk all day long, then there are chances that you all can end up with zero new topics to talk about. And which is fine. But, if you guys are not really talking much. It could be that she’s busy in her office, or college, then there’s a high chance that you both have something good to talk about. After all, humans are social animals. So, if you are not getting new topics to talk about, and all your talks end on one of few topics, then maybe she’s cheating on you.

5. She’s busy all of a sudden

how can you tell if your partner has cheated - she is busy all of a sudden

It’s okay if you guys are texting and some of you have got some work at home. It’s even more okay if you are busy at some specific time slots. That’s perfectly fine. But, what’s suspicious is when you guys are talking to each other and she has to end the conversation when you are talking about something specific. This becomes a problem as the guy may end up noticing the “pattern” and when asked about this, she may have to lie. If you can catch the lie, it’s okay. If you can’t, then that could be more troublesome.

6. Cancels plan with you to meet someone else

Social media is highly deceptive. But, how to tell if partner is cheating on you with social media? A lot of people have been caught cheating on their partner with social media platforms. Suppose you both have made some plans to meet each other. Now, if she is ditching plans with you and ends up meeting someone else over you, then I have sad news for you. But, hey, if this is the first time it has happened, then just breathe because maybe she’s not cheating. However, if this has happened many times, and you’re able to catch her, then you know what to do, right?

In case you’d like to know the places to make out secretly without getting caught, then do read this.

7. She’s devoting way too much time to someone else

how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating - she will be dedicating more time to someone else

It’s okay that you are giving freedom to your girl. But, that does not mean that she has the liberty to misuse that freedom. If you find that your girlfriend has been talking to someone else for a long time, then you need to either step in, or move away. This is a clear physical sign of a cheating girlfriend. No matter what, things must be kept in limits. What’s a boyfriend if he’s not your best friend and not included in your talks? Side-man!

8. She tells you that she’s with a friend, but won’t tell you why

One of the very clear signs of a cheating girlfriend is that she will tell you that she is with a friend, even when she’s not. And upon asking what’s she doing with her friend, she’ll either say nothing or tell you a stupid expected answer. So, if this is the same case you have been noticing again and again, then you need to rethink her as your girlfriend, as she might be cheating on you. So, when she tells you that she’s with a friend, but you’re not allowed to know the reason. Then you should take it as a clear sign to tell if your girlfriend is cheating.

9. She’s keeping more and more to herself

If you want to know why she’s keeping a lot of her stuff to herself, you need to ask her. If she’s not telling, then you need to worry because there’s definitely something that she’s hiding. Now, one of the things that a cheating girlfriend will always do is that she will tell you the same story differently.

clear signs she is cheating - you are excluded

Suppose, you both have common friends. And, if you are in touch with the common friend, then you would realize how there’s a difference to how that friend narrates what happened, to how your girlfriend has narrated.

Sometimes, there won’t be many differences you would notice. But, in the long run, these small hints and mistakes would combine to give a larger idea on what’s wrong between you both.

10. Physical Sign: She’s into a new sex position

physical signs your wife is cheating - she is into new sex position

There can be a high chance that if your girlfriend is insisting on a new sex position, then she may have already tried it with someone. There are a lot of sex positions, and most of them can’t be done alone. You need somebody to make it happen. Thus, a cheating girlfriend may be insisting you to try a new sex position. You must also understand that she’s into a new sex position as she might be faking it with you, or maybe you’re not able to satisfy her. Check out the signs she’s not faking it, to ensure this is not the reason.

11. She’s keeping an eye on you, even though she’s the one cheating on you

There’s a habit of cheaters – they will always watch you carefully. You may be doing things normally, but their “changed” behavior will insist you to think about why all this is happening. When some girls do this, this could be due to the fact that she’s looking for reasons to break up with you. One of the most common signs of a cheating girlfriend is that she will ask you about your whereabouts.

12. She “forgot” to tell about something important

If you have ever caught your girlfriend doing something which she didn’t tell you about, and if this has happened a lot of times, then you really need to think more about this. A cheating girlfriend will hide things from you. She wouldn’t want you to know what she is “actually” doing. So, just in case you catch her doing something she didn’t tell you about, and if it’s something you wouldn’t be suspicious about, she’s still going to justify by saying, “I forgot to tell you.”

Now, how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating? You need to follow the pattern and recognize it for the next time. Even if she’s meeting a “distant cousin” late in the evening, she’s still going to tell you that she “forgot” to tell you about her cousin returning to her city.

13. She’s asking more about your plans, so you both don’t bump into each other

One of the major signs of a cheating girlfriend is that she is going to keep an eye on all your plans. Whether you are going to lunch with your office mates or for purchasing groceries after your work, she wants to know it all. Normally, a girlfriend wouldn’t be so eager to know all about your whereabouts. But, if you want to know how to tell if partner cheating. Then, she’s definitely going to ask you about all your whereabouts.

14. She’s going outside the room to pick calls

physical signs your wife is cheating - she is going outside to pick calls

One of the physical signs your wife is cheating is that she will go to a secluded corner to attend calls. This may show that she doesn’t feel safe around you or maybe that she doesn’t want you to know what she is talking about with whoever she is talking to. No matter what, a partner must not feel afraid of attending calls and there should be transparency in your bond. If she is going to corners or outside the room for no reason, then it’s a sign she is cheating on you.

So, this is how to tell if your partner is cheating on you. These were the 14 clear signs she is cheating on you, and you need to be careful about all the things she has been doing. If you have your own query, or you want to ask your own questions, you can visit our Contact Us page or send us your query on our Instagram page.

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