Losing Virginity To A Prostitute – Pros & Cons

Losing Virginity to prostitute

If you are in school, teenage, or college, you’re most probably surrounded by people who are bragging about losing virginity to a prostitute. Some might be bragging about losing virginity to their best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, or someone above their age. In this blog, we’re going to answer a very peculiar question which someone asked us in our Instagram DM.

The question we were asked was, whether losing virginity to a prostitute is a good idea or not. This person who sent this message, also told us how he had been a virgin for 24 years, couldn’t make a girlfriend in college, and had a hard time making friends.

So, this one is for all those people who have similar issues in their sexual lives.

Time for motivation

See, first of all, you don’t have to feel left out because you could not do it till the age of 24. There are people who have had it at the age of 13, and they still regret it when they’re old. It can be a case that you’re someone who’s very insecure about his virginity being taken away by just anyone. You could be like that earlier. But, now due to the societal pressure and how your friends are living a “beautiful” life, you’re thinking of taking this step. But, this is not how it is done.

People will brag how I lost my virginity at the age of this or that. But, it’s just not about the numbers. Just have a look at the current President of the USA. He’s a really old grumpy man who has hard times with his wife. There are so many public appearances where both of them don’t even hold hands with each other. So, it’s okay if you have still kept your “V” safe. 

Should you lose your virginity to a prostitute?

Well, it may sound very fascinating that you lost your virginity to a prostitute as he or she may have a lot of experience and would ensure that you have a great experience. But, it comes with a price. Not in terms of monetary possessions, but losing your virginity to a prostitute could be something that can risk your life.

Prostitutes do deserve equal respect as others. But, one thing to consider is that they are exposed to a lot of STDs as any of their clients can carry a potential threat to their lives. Thus, you need to be well read about the various types of STDs.

tips for losing virginity to a prostitute using condoms

So, it may be worth it to lose your virginity to a prostitute if you are absolutely playing safe. But, if you think that you want a “real” experience and remove all the protections, then you may get troubled.

The editor’s view of losing virginity to a prostitute

If you ask the editor on whether losing virginity to a prostitute is a good idea or not, then I would probably say no. In my opinion, you should wait for your partner to come. There are hundreds of confessions where people have admitted how being physical with a sex worker helped them find themselves. But on the other hand, there are a significant number of stories where people regretted getting in touch with one of them. 

It’s not like they’re untouchable or something, but you are responsible for your own life. If you want to risk your life for a few hours of pleasure, then you can absolutely take that step. But, if you don’t and you can wait, then you can also do that.

Sex Worker Bollywood Heroine Kareena Kapoor

It’s highly understandable that you may be thinking of visiting a sex worker because your friends have been forcing you. Or maybe you’re still a newbie and don’t know how to approach a girl and that’s why you see it as an easy escape. So, if you can wait, then make some time and try to improve yourself.

You can find a hundred ways to get laid with someone of your choice on the internet. And believe me, as I say this, being physical is just a fantasy in the very beginning. After some point of time, this fantasy will also fade away and you’ll start considering sexual pleasures as just a way to satisfy some hormones in your body.


Conclusion is pretty clear. Have it only if you are sure the worker is clean, and safe to interact with. Otherwise, there are so many ways to attract girls and you can absolutely get laid very easily. It’s about that mindset you made in your mind and different perspectives which you need to change.

So, if you liked this blog, make sure you share it with someone who really needs to hear this one. If you know someone who is looking forward to see a sex worker, then you should absolutely share this blog with them. No hesitations must be there when you are talking about sexual issues, and this is why we’re trying our best to communicate more openly with you all.

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