Loving A Married Man Who Is Not Your Husband [Answered]

Loving A Married Man Who Is Not Your Husband

Have you also started talking to a married man, and turns out you had started developing irresistible feelings for him? Well, if you are someone who can relate to this, you’re already doomed half of the day.

You must be going through a lot of sleepless nights wondering what situation have you landed yourself in.

You’re with him, but still not with him!

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Finding a solution to this problem could be hard. And there’s not really an easy-to-follow one-size fits solution for anyone. But let’s talk about your problems considering different scenarios and situations as we have received in our inbox.

Loving a married man is not a cake walk. You go through a lot of things and here are a few things that you can do if you have also given your heart to a married man!

What to do when you love a married man?

what to do when you love a married man

Stick to these five simple yet easy-to-follow steps to ensure that your chemistry with him remains cooler than ever.

Don’t become too clingy

I understand that it’s very hard to find someone who takes care of you, like a married guy. But, you must also understand that he also has a family to take care of. You are not going to be his first priority. Now, what can you do? Let him have his share of time when he’s not with you, and spending time with his family.

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Don’t get jealous

If you into a married man, you’re most probably inclined for him because you saw the way he treats his wife. And if he has been posting some cute images with his wife on his social media, you don’t have to get jealous. Because loving a married man comes with some jealousy as well.

Don’t get your hopes high

The only thing that shouldn’t be high is your hopes. There are times when you may become ecstatic by the way they treat you and the hints that they give you. But, you really need to understand that he is a married guy and if you force him to do anything, he may clearly put you of his contact list in no time.

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Avoid touching inappropriately

Some of the things you may find weird in a married guy is how okay he is for not being touched. Most probably because he is getting touched by his real wife. Biologically speaking, he does not have enough energy to get involved in physical stuff outside of his marriage. It’s weird how other non-married guys are looking for ways to have you on their bed. But at the same time when you want it with him, he isn’t on the same page.

Don’t compare yourself with his wife

As someone who loves a married man, you need to understand that you are not his wife. He has his large share of commitment to his wife and he can’t put her and his family down for a woman who he should not be with (ethically).

Signs a Married Man is Using You

signs a married man is using you

It can be a little hard to understand the signs a married man is using you because you may already be attracted towards him on a different level.

He calls you for a sexual affair only

You need to recognize all the places where he calls you, makes out with you and tries to get in your pants. It’s going to be a long sleepless night thinking of all the things he does. But, take your time and make a list of all the things he does to trap you into a sexual relationship.

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You can’t just be with him

You can be disappointed because he’s not giving you time. And it’s also an eye opener for you. He may also push you away, even when you are not being too touchy with him in public view.

You will be forced to lie

Being with someone who is already married, means that the society will never accept you guys. So, you will always have to be prepared with a list of lies.

You’re abused at any given point

Just a slight raise in the tone can bring tears to some people. However, one of the signs that a married guy is using you are that he can abuse you at any given point. Irritate him once, and he’ll forget about your existence in his life.

So these were the things you need to keep in your mind before loving a married man who’s not your husband and the signs a married guy is using you. Lastly, know when to break up!

Are you also attracted to a married man? Let us know about your problems and experience via our message box! Also, if you have a question related to your sexual life or relationship, feel free to ask us through ourĀ Instagram Account.

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