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Prom proposals or “Promposals” have become a big deal over the past years. Today, it is no more about the ideal “walking over to your girl and asking, “Will you come to Prom with me?”.” Girls now demand creativity, elaboration and being cliche as well as being over-the-top. If you are looking for Promposal Ideas that don’t fail you, then you are at the right destination! Read through this blog and find cute ways to ask your girlfriend to Prom.

If you haven’t yet realised, Promposals are taken very seriously these days! If not by anyone, the ones who choose to participate in this whole idea, take it way too seriously. Everyone wants to come up with the best ideas to ask someone to Prom. From guys having their “boys” helping hold the flanks to the girls who have candle-lit walkways, it includes everything that defines “over-the-top or cliche”. This blog will contain various ideas to ask someone to Prom. So without wasting any more time, let’s set your next Promposal on fire!

And in case, if you are one of those who feel a little underconfident, then you should absolutely read how to approach someone! Just so that you don’t mess your chance.

Reddit’s Most Liked Promposal Idea

Starting off with the best Promposal Idea we found on Reddit, have a look at it below.

The guy in the video installed signs on the road and while driving the car with his girl, he asked her to look outside the window and read what the signs say. At first, it was all a prank and his girl was a little disappointed. But later on what followed was the best idea to ask someone to Prom. And this was the sole reason why we wrote this blog to help you with all the Promposal ideas.

Classic And Old, Yet Gold Promposal Idea!

The old yet classic way is to straight up go to your girl and be the man. You can use a placard or a chart with “Will you go to Prom with me?” inscribed on it. This Promposal is the one of the classic old ideas to ask a girl to Prom.

ideas to ask someone to prom night

This way there are less chances of you messing up. All you have to do is be confident, sweet and bold enough to get her come to Prom with you.

Romance Is The Key

High school Proms are all about the young-love. And love is incomplete without romance.

You can fill up her room with red, pink or white heart-shaped balloons and decorate her bed with rose petals spelling out “Prom?” Or you might as well do it in front of her friends, because, believe me or not, girls love to flaunt their guys in front of other girls. So if you want to win her, make sure some of “her girls” see you making the move!

Promposal Ideas

You can buy her a Prom ring, or her favorite stone locket, or the ideal way is to buy her a Prom dress! Doing everything that defines romance is one of the best Promposal Ideas!

Build Your Own Little Fairytale

No matter what, the girls will love to be a part of a fairytale. So, if you want to use cute ways to ask your girlfriend to Prom, well, build her “her fairytale.”

This idea is all about being over-the-top. You can have her walk through a candle-lit walkway that leads to a huge board spelled out as “Prom?” Or let her have her own ramp walk in that Prom dress you bought for her. You can take her to the beach, having the sand read “Prom?”

ideas for asking a girl to prom

There are a million ideas to ask a girl to Prom if you want to do it the fairytale way. All you have to do is, elaborate and be as cliche` as possible! 

Be A Little Punny!

If you have a good sense of humor, and want to stand out in the pool of romance with your Promposal, then dear, this idea is for you! Puns can never go wrong. Also, if you can make her laugh, you have already won her heart!

If either of you are into sports, you can use catchphrases like “Will you be my catch?”, well cheesy is never too much.

ideas to ask a girl to prom

If your partner is a foodie, you can use Promposal lines like: “I’d be one lucky nugget if you go to Prom with me”, or Inside a box of a dozen donuts, include a note that says, “I donut want to go to Prom with anyone but you”. Because food-way is the new way!

These ideas to ask someone to Prom only want you to use your sense of humor in the best way possible. This not only makes you look cute but also creative and effortful.

Dance Your Way To Her Heart

Show her your moves so she can be assured that you guys will rock the Prom dance. Or you can always ask your school cheer-leading group to help you in this. These ideas to ask a girl to Prom is all about winning her with your moves. Even if you aren’t good at dancing, she would still appreciate you for your efforts! So, it’s a win-win situation (wink-wink)!

Show Creativity In Costumes

These ideas for asking a girl to Prom includes everything that spells over-the-top! Dress up as their favorite character, or their favorite food even! This way they’ll know that you do know about their favorites and it matters to you the same. You can have her girl gang help you slay it!

And wear costumes and having some lone time could end you up in some big time intimacy. And if not that, then at least you’d be going through a heated dry humping session!

Recreate Their Favorite Movie

No matter if you agree or not, favorite movies play a huge role in a girl’s life. You can either recreate her favorite scene, or recreate her favorite dialogue, or re-watch that movie with her, anything will be everything for her in terms of this.

You may have noticed that there are millions of Potterheads around the globe. So, if you want, then you can recreate a Harry Potter theme based Promposal.

Promposal Idea Harry Potter Theme Based
Image Credits: Reddit User

These little things, cute ways to ask your girlfriend to Prom leads you straight to her heart! And if you can’t do this, just in case the restrictions are still imposed because of the pandemic, you guys can do a lot more on virtual proms!

Involving Your Squad Is Adorable!

Let your boys be of some help! You can handover them roses, each rose with one letter of “Will you go to Prom with me?” and ask them to give her one by one in the hallway. This way, she will get excited and feel loved in front of your whole squad. She will realise how important you are to her if you have involved your squad into it. 

promposal idea

Or you can let your boys hold a huge poster of “Will you go to Prom with me?” and do the Promposal in front of them. Either way these ideas to ask a girl to Prom, are all about being expressive!

Make a Custom Soft Toys for her

You can get in touch with someone like this Toys Manufacturer in India in your nearby location and ask them to create a custom teddy bear or soft toy for your partner. Make sure you know your partner’s favorite color, type of soft toys they’re into, and BOOM!

That’s all you need to know and you can use the toy as a helping tool to bring you success in asking for prom!

Now, if you think that things just got a little steamy, you can always find some awesome places to make out.

And once your prom is over, here’s a small guide to know if he is the one for you.

Thus, these are some of the best Promposal Ideas which you can try based on your situation. Don’t be afraid to mess up, because at the end, all that matters is the efforts that you put into it.

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