7 Signs She’s Not Faking It – Or Is She?

Is she faking it

So, recently we received another request by a user who asked us how to tell if she’s faking an orgasm. And BOOM! Another confused boy is out there who is now waking up and finally opening his eyes in between his sessions to see the look of his girl. In this blog, we are going to tell you all the guys about the signs she’s not faking it.

And before we begin, this is just a small advisory that the points mentioned in this blog are like advice. You need to use your personal intellect and on the basis of your actual scenario, twist and mould the tips mentioned in this blog. Plus, this blog works, even if you guys are dry humping.

So, without further ado, let’s get started to figure out whether she had an orgasm or faking it.

Observe her – You can catch her fake moves

signs she might be faking it

This is true that a lot of girls don’t come every time you both have it. Now, when we talk about coming, it doesn’t necessarily mean she will squirt out a lot of juices. But, there can be an instance that she might come and you still wouldn’t see anything coming outside. For such situations, you’ll have to observe her.

She will resist, but for more

how to spot a fake orgasm by her beahvior that she resists but for more

The way a guy orgasms and the way girls orgasms are completely different. As the organs are different, so is the process or mechanism of these things. One of the signs of a girl having an orgasm is that she will resist you in ways like pushing you, and things like that. So, if these things happen, just observe how she reacts to it. If she’s actually loving the thrusts, then maybe the pushing would mean thrust harder.

Her back arches, legs contract

how to spot a fake orgasm

While a woman orgasms, she will show signs that will reflect in her body. If you have been active with her for quite some time, then you will observe how her body reacts differently when you just started, when you are at it, and when she is about to come – they are all different.

Check out her breathe & heartbeats

breathing during orgasm increases

One of the other things to notice a girl’s orgasm is that her breathing rate will change. While you’re thrusting and giving her the friction down there, her heartbeats will become more than just normal and her breathing would be deep if you’re doing it the right way. But, when you are about to make her come, she will start breathing heavily and faster. This way, you can understand that she’s on the verge of it. 

Scratching your back

scratching back during sex

While most men struggle to understand the signs and decipher the signals she’s been trying to put in front of you, scratching your back is one of them. When a woman is about to come, she will start scratching your back. It’s alright if she’s doing it. Just don’t stop her. Even if it’s giving you bruises, just let it be because it’s making a side of her coming out.

She starts trembling

trembling legs is a sign she's coming

A lot of times when a girl is about to come, she will start trembling. And when it’s happening, her legs will start shaking and contracting. She might shake her legs or arms or somewhere between her stomach. And this is perfectly fine because sex is such a pure feeling of love and it can actually “shake” you up.

She will tell you that she’s coming

she will tell if she came

The other possible way to know if your girl is actually coming is when she’s really honest about it. Communication is the key, my friend. If you both can communicate with each other about it, then it’s well and good. And nothing would be able to compare to that. Yes, it might hurt some of you in the beginning, but in the long run, you’re going to experience something beautiful. As an apple of discord, it can be quite difficult to know whether men get attached after having sex. But, on the other hand, women do get attached, and in most case scenarios, they will tell you upfront about their orgasms. Maybe not much openly, but they might drop some hints.

So, these were our two cents on this topic of knowing whether your girl is faking it or if it is for real. Don’t worry if you are new to this world. Because a lot of times, the newbies and even those who have an experience of years are unable to decipher the signs. There may be a chance that you could have a different experience at it. Just in case you want to know if your partner is cheating, we have talked about 14 ways to do that easily.

As a matter of fact, even some of the pornstars have admitted that they have hardly or never experienced any orgasm on the sets. So, it’s okay. As we are not taught about all this anywhere, so we’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Also, if you are new to the world of dating, you can learn how to get laid.

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