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when to break up

Relationships can be hard on your mental health at times. Not everyone is lucky to be in a relationship, and it sucks. Well, for people like me who find it difficult to say no, it had been even difficult to talk about breaking up with my boyfriend. So, I have been asked by some people recently asking when to break up with their partner. And this blog is going to talk about all the events taking place in a breakup. From considering should I break up with my boyfriend to how to know when to break up to the signs you should break up with your partner.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the first part – signs you should break up.

Signs you should break up

A break up doesn’t necessarily happen because of one thing that someone does. It has almost always been some events or series of events which have escalated to such an extent that there seems to be no reason left to stay. 

should i break up with my boyfriend

Here are a few signs you should break up with your partner:

  1. Behaving suspicious most of the times
  2. They’re never ready to share stuff
  3. Something is fishy whenever they speak
  4. They’re gaslighting you for their faults1
  5. You always fight for one or few common reasons
  6. Your plans are canceled on urgent notice

We have written an in depth blog on the signs you should break up. Do check out for the signs you should break up.

When to break up

Now, if you believe that your situation matches with the signs of a breakup, then you should figure out the time and ways to break up. See, before we begin telling you when is it time to break up so you can do that, you can always think of the positive reasons why you should not.

how to know when to break up

So, let’s talk about the things that you should do. And if these things don’t work, then there’s a chance that you may have no other option than to break up.

I told you before this relationship even started…

If you get to hear this one line when you fight or when things are rough, then you should consider this as one of the clear signs that you should break up. This sentence itself shows that the other person feels regret for saying yes to you or proposing to you. A real relationship is when both the people are ready to fight challenges, conquer their personal issues and make their relationship work.

We don’t have anything to talk about

This is also a very common thing that people in long distance relationships get to hear. While you think that you guys really don’t have anything to talk about. There is a big chance that either of you have lost interest in each other. So, you guys really need to communicate it out. Accept the problem from whoever’s end is it arising. If you guys are still not able to fix it and some of you are wondering when is it time to break up, then the time is now.

When you have more fond memories of past than living them

Although it may not be a direct reason for breaking up, it can be one of them! There are couples who are not happy with each other. If we talk about the present moment, they are not who they used to be. This means that you are missing your past. And it could be the reason why you should break up or strengthen up your bond.

Material things matter more than you

You may have seen a movie or a song where the couple fights for petty issues. Maybe someone breaks a valuable object that their partner loves or maybe they forget about something important like dates or anniversaries. These could trigger you to think – should I break up with my boyfriend or girlfriend. Just remember that there should be no happiness worth more than your partner’s happiness.

You feel suffocated

There are people who are tired of going through chains of relationships lasting anywhere between a few days to just a couple of months. They don’t know where the problem is, but they just feel so numb that after some time, the enjoyment of being in a relationship is gone. There are hundreds of studies that have observed that specific expressions of affection, and initiation in erotic sexual encounters are frequent during adolescence and tend to consolidate over time.2

There is someone else in this story too

A lot of times there’s always someone who’s there to take advantage of both of your relationships. These kinds of people have no other purpose in their life than to ruin your relationship, get what they want out of you, and leave. These people may be your best friend, college friend or anyone else. So, in case you know such a person in your story, then you should absolutely get rid of them.

Even if some of you like someone else despite being in a relationship, you should:

  • Consider your relationship primarily
  • Find out the intentions of the outsider
  • Stick to the long term game

Your question: Should we break up

when is it time to break up

So, the answer to this question could be quite debatable. We’re going to make it easy to help you find the answer. Before you ask us one more time, should I break up with my boyfriend or girlfriend, consider the following:

  1. Is your mental health is at stake with him/her
  2. Are you suffocating with your partner
  3. Do you have to be someone else with your partner
  4. Do you have to always lie about something so that your partner doesn’t get triggered
  5. Are you crossing oceans for them while they’re not even crossing a street
  6. Is your future worrying you
  7. Is there any chance of patch up after breakup
  8. Have you caught your partner cheating
  9. Are you getting disrespected
  10. Are you getting gaslighted

So, these were some of the reasons that you must check out. Now, if you believe that your relationship isn’t going in the direction it should be, communicate about it, or take this as a sign and break up.

You may not have to owe an explanation in some situations, but if you want to keep the accounts transparent, keep the messaging right.

If you have your questions and you are looking for an answer to them, then you can request it via our contact us form! Do check out our social media pages to stay in touch with our regular activities.



  1. They’re gaslighting you for their faults. Read this to know all about it.
  2. Initiation in erotic sexual encounters are frequent during adolescence and tend to consolidate over time. Read this

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