Couples Counseling

By the time anchors cook noodles in advertisements (2 minutes), around 9 couples get divorced from each other. It’s a very huge number considering the times we are living in. There has been a sudden and huge spike in the divorce rates during the covid19 times. It has been one of the most difficult times people have seen. For almost a year, people have been sitting in their homes. Stress, anxiety, and other phobias have caused couples to separate from each other.

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Couples That Counsel Together, Live Together (Literally)

We all know that it’s highly advisable for couples to take therapies and counseling together if things are not working out. But, often times, couples hesitate.

A major credit goes to the new age online dramas that we see. We all want to feel like the actor in the song we’re listening to on a window seat in an Uber.

No couple is perfect

We all have problems. We have our own set of problems. A human is the one who understands its problems and accepts that yes, it exists and there needs to be done something about it.

If you are also one of those who have decided to take help, get in touch to get your relationship counseling.

How we can help you

We have been asked by a lot of people on our social media platforms regarding their relationship problems. While so many people say that we have done “magic” in their lives, we often wonder what magic have we done. Because all we do is make things easier for them to understand. And yes, at times, we become upfront and tell people when they’re becoming ridiculously idiots (this also helps).

  1. Understanding your problem
  2. Recommending probable solutions
  3. Working on the solutions to finalize the best one
  4. Stress management tips
  5. Dealing with negative thoughts

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