How to Approach a Girl – What Women Want

How to approach a girl

Imagine you are at a party with your friends. You see a girl across the bar sitting with her friends and have the time of her night. You want to approach the girl but you also don’t want to come up as the creepy guy at the party. So? How are you going to approach the girl? That’s exactly what we are here talking about. The best ways of how to approach a girl, how to start a conversation with a girl, impress a girl, and make the best move without messing anything up.

How to Approach a Girl (the right way)

Approaching women is often vexed by guys who really struggle with first conversations. We are here to ease this task for you. Read on to know about how the little details matter when you are approaching a girl. This might even work if you are looking for how to ask a girl out! But, only if you play it right!

Body language that speaks simplicity, and class

A good body language is the first thing that a girl notices when you are approaching her. And yes, it matters a lot to them. You don’t want to come out as the nervous, unsure guy, now do you? Exactly! Being presentable, confident and charming is the way to go. Be the guy who knows what he is doing.

Having a proper body language while you are approaching women is the key. It is a fine line between presenting you as the guy who attracts girls and the guy who is just making a fool out of himself. It is quite essential when you are approaching the girl or meeting her for the first time. As you might have already heard tonnes of times, “first impression is the last impression”.

While maintaining the proper body language, do not be overconfident as it can ruin the moment. It is a big turn off when the guy becomes over confident as the girls have the sense to notice it too quick. Be genuine with your words, don’t start boasting about yourself or don’t keep on complimenting, it lacks genuinity.

Make sure your eyes don’t look “needy”

While approaching women, the biggest blunder that guys often make is having the wrong eye language. Yes, the deets! These details are the first things that catch the girl’s attention. And this sure can attract the girl you want to approach.

If you wonder how this will help in approaching a girl, well, here is how. One’s eyes give away way too quickly than the words or the actions could. And that is what you should pay utmost attention to.

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Having eye contact with the girl you are approaching, wll let her know that you are walking towards her with a purpose. Hold eye contact when approaching women. Let her know that it’s her you are concerned about. Eye contacts can be seducing, pleasing or just for keen interest. This will make the girl feel that she is important, that you are showing true interest in her. Isn’t it what we are rooting for?

Making sure you don’t commit these mistakes

The perfect conversation when approaching a girl is not just complimenting her or introducing yourself. No, it should be a two way conversation. Let her indulge in the conversation. Even if she is contributing only a wee bit, it is more than enough. Because, that means she is listening to you. And a girl will only listen to you if she is interested in the conversation or in you, either way it is your win.

Your conversation should be a mixture of your little introduction, a little compliments and a lot of impressions. Buying her drink has now become too mainstream, complimenting her hair is just too cliche`, complimenting her dress can actually make you look like a creep. Be subtle and confident with your conversation. Hesitation is okay, that will give genuinity, but stammering will give a sense of nervousness and anxiousness.

Notice how she behaves when you’re talking

You can tell if the girl you have approached or are talking to is interested in your conversation or not just in the first few minutes. Walking towards her with confidence, talking to her with honesty is a giveaway.

If she is not interested or does not want to entertain you, she will give you the signs in the first few minutes itself. She will avert her gaze from you, avoid eye contact, and you would soon realize that she doesn’t want to give in. And that is the reason why it is important for you to ace it in the first few minutes itself. 

How to give her the space she needs

While approaching a girl it is important that you do not get her vexed or strenuous with the environment. You need to make her realize that you are friendly and harmless.

A woman’s mind is projected to sense the body language of men. From the moment you are approaching the girl, she starts analyzing all your moves and words to look for red signals. Radiate positive energy so that you don’t intrude her comfort zone. Make her feel that she can be relaxed with you. With that she surely will be attracted to you.


So, these were some of the best ways on how to approach a girl or how to start a conversation with a girl. If you are talking to her for the first time, or whether you are going out with her for the first time, you need to follow these steps.

Now, there is one more thing. You don’t really have to memorise all these pointers. Just go out there, be yourself, and be confident. By being yourself, we don’t mean that you should be how you are with your best friends. No! Just look at your surroundings, how she’s behaving, and play your cards accordingly!

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