How to Ask a Girl Out: Situation Based Answers

How To Ask A Girl Out

Let’s be honest for a second, right now! Asking a girl out could be a really tough situation you can land yourself in. No matter how long you have been talking to each other, but when it comes to asking her out for a date or for any other reason, you can get conscious as hell. After checking out hundreds of questions on how to ask a girl out, we have finally decided to write this blog for you all. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to ask out a girl.

How to ask a girl out for date

How to ask a girl out for beginners

So, before beginning this blog, let’s tell you that this blog is going to be divided into two categories. The first one will talk about how to ask a girl out for a date when you have known her for a long time – say a classmate or a neighbourhood friend.

The second part of how to ask a girl out for a date will be when you have not spent much time with her. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

How to ask a girl out if you’ve known her for 2 years or more

best way to ask a girl out for date

Let’s suppose you have known each other for a great period of time. This can be understood if your bond falls into any of these categories:

  1. You both have been in regular touch with each other
  2. You’re classmates
  3. You both stay in the same society
  4. Travelling together on most days
  5. Texting each other everyday

So, if these points describe your bond well, then this is the section for you. Check out how to ask a girl out on a date if you have known her for 2 years or more. And once you know the art of asking out someone you’ve known for more than 2 years, then you won’t need to know how to get laid.

If you both share a good bond with each other, share jokes on a regular basis, have healthy discussions on trending topics, and are comfortable talking about taboos and other such things, then asking her out for a date can be a little easy for both of you. So, basically it all starts with how to approach a girl.

tip for asking a girl out - don't rush anything

Look, we understand that it’s easier said than it’s done. And we completely understand this. Because you both have been talking to each other in a certain way. But now when it’s about asking a girl out for a date when you have known her for more than 2 years, you wouldn’t want to risk it. We get it. And it’s valid. But, at the same point of time, you need to understand that it’s your plus point as well.

Most of the guys fail to ask a girl out for date, simply because they don’t want to ruin what’s already established between you both. But, you need to first understand that asking someone for a date is quite easier in your situation. And the chances are, you might succeed.

How to ask out a girl if you’re scared

You can do the following if you are scared and don’t how to attract a girl or simply talk to her.

how to ask a girl out when you are scared

Don’t just go out there and ask her out. It might sound romantic in movies, but let’s be real. You can end up getting rejected for no reason at all.

So, while you both are talking, introducing a familiar topic where someone proposed someone or asked someone out. Or if a celeb had married someone or asked some other celeb, then you can introduce that topic. 

Now comes the other part. Try and talk as much seriously as you can and leave a hint as to why asking him or her out was a good decision in your view. Have a healthy discussion and end it over there as the situation allows.

Also, you must keep in mind that you should not force your views on her. Take a stand, but make sure you don’t disagree or agree on anything. Now, when the time and situation allows, take a stand someday.

How to ask a girl out if you have known her for a year or less

Now, in this case, let’s say you have known the other individual for less than a year. May be, you both have just joined a new school, class, college, or an office. So, how to ask a girl out by sending a text?

how to ask a girl you have known for years

So basically, all you have to do is, initiate by setting up a scene. You don’t really have to lie. But make sure that your surroundings support you. So much so, that you are the controller of the emotions and the situations (of your talks).

First, you have to make sure that she is free. She should absolutely reply to you without getting disturbed by anything. Now, start talking about anything. Then move straight to the point. As you both don’t really know each other much. Or maybe you both are getting acquainted to each other. So what you can do is, make sure you talk to her straight away about the thing and ensure that you make it clear to her. 

You can say something like, “I had been thinking about this for quite some time…”

So, this is how you can ask a girl out without having to make it sound desperate and cheesy. If you want to stay updated with our latest blogs, follow us on Instagram – Datings App.

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