How to Attract a Girl [Secrets Revealed]

How to Attract a Girl you like or love

Are you bored of your single life? Are you looking for a date? Don’t know how to attract a girl you like? Here we have come for your rescue! By the end of this blog, you will have a clearer picture of how to attract a girl and actually make her stay. Well yes, this blog is written keeping a long-term goal in mind.

When you go on asking tips to attract girls, your male friends would tell you some things like, “Bro, you should be direct. Seduce her. Make her feel tempting,” while your female friends would say, “talk to her, give her time, and respect her,” and yet you would be unsure of what to actually do. We’re not saying that all this would be wrong. But, read through the blog and see what all we have to do.

Well, we sure agree that respecting the person you like is the first step. But, what next? The next is what we are here to talk about. Here are some tips to spark up your single life. Check out how to attract a girl without talking, and without ruining anything.

Be Confident When You’re With Her

Radiate good energy. Be confident in your words and in your actions as well. Don’t mess up confidence with boasting. No! Boasting about yourself is a huge turn off. It might turn out that she would think you are belittling her.

Choose to be confident to attract girls

Being confident means, saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Do not hesitate in sharing your views. Be relaxed when you are having a conversation with her. Do not let your nervousness get you. Honesty is the key, even if you are nervous, laugh it off with confidence or just tell her you are.

Look like a leader. Show how you tackle things. But do not misunderstand with dictation. Girls love guys with confidence, with leadership qualities. They love guys who are keen on taking in control. Mind you, being confident is the best way to attract a girl.

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Girls love humor – be witty

Girls love guys who have a great sense of humor. So if you are looking for ways to attract a girl, having a great sense of humor is the masterstroke. Well, of course, humor does help a lot. If you start it well, only then will you be able to know how to ask a girl out that results in a yes!

Light humor and subtle conversations will get your girl in a comfort zone. She will feel more relaxed.

Attracting the girl with your humor

This doesn’t mean you joke about everything every time, no! You need to have a sense of timing. Making fun of everything might make her feel like everything’s a joke to you or that you are not really serious about the conversation. 

Don’t let yourself look like a guy who is desperately wanting to attract a girl. You could be misunderstood as the guy who invests more than required energy in a conversation. This can be a huge turn off.

Be a little fragile at times

Emotions play a vital role for every other girl. No matter how practical or logical she seems, she has a huge part of hers bent for emotions. And that is the key to attract a girl. Be vulnerable, be expressive. This doesn’t mean you completely lose your logical brain. You need to learn to balance your thoughts between emotions and logic.

Using vulnerability to attract a girl

If you want to attract a girl you need to speak to her emotions and not to her reasons. That is how to build the foundation. If you know how to trigger the right emotions at the right time, you are already ahead of the other guys.

Talk about yourself, express your feelings. But don’t just keep on talking about self, you might come out as a self-obsessed man. Share your views, let her know the inner you. Talk about your personal experiences. This will make her feel that you trust her with your secrets.

How to show her that you’re interested in her

By letting her open up to you, you are giving her a comfort zone. Let her invest in the conversation. Let her share her experiences even if it is at the most random times. Let her be abrupt. This shows that she is attracted to you.

Show her that you’re interested in her

Ask her questions. Let them be random or to the point. Ask her about her favorites, in that way she will indirectly tell a lot about herself. And if she chooses to skip any of your questions, don’t force it out of her. Let it go, sooner or later, when she thinks it’s time, she will let you know. 

If you want to know how to attract a girl in school, then the key for that is – show interest in her. A lot of guys just find themselves incapable and eventually they end up missing the chances of actually being with the girl.

Any conversation that she involves in is a conversation that interests her, a conversation that is important to her. Doesn’t matter if she disagrees on your point of views. You can always agree to disagree. Show her that her views matter too. Let her know that she has made it up to your priority list.

Listen to what she says

Do you know why girls trust their best friends more than their boyfriends at times? It’s usually because their best friend listens to them politely. So, if you want to know how to attract a girl without talking? Then the answer is, listen to her.

How to listen to her, or at least pretend that you are

Any conversation that a girl has with her boyfriend or best friend, normal friend or an acquaintance, what a girl always notices is whether the guy is listening to her or not. Yes, human beings want attention, and they love it even more when they start receiving it.


So these were the top 5 ways to attract a girl. No matter whether you know the girl or not. These are the basic principles which you need to follow when you are thinking about some girl in an uncontrollably romantic way! If you liked this blog, make sure you share it with your friends who are also looking for ways to attract a girl in school or even without talking. Also, follow us on our Instagram page to never miss an update.

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