How To Be Friends With Your Ex [Problems with Solutions]

how to be friends with your ex

Being friends with an ex you still love or whether you’ve moved on, it’s a pretty messed up thing for a lot of people. If you want to have a sneak peak of how terrible it can go, you can watch the web series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and check out how Ross and Rachel broke up in the context of “taking a break.” You’re going to see a roller-coaster of emotions flowing through your heart. So, if you are ready for some change, this is where we are going to talk about how to be friends with your ex.

So, this blog will be divided into two main parts, the first one is going to cover how to stay friends with an ex you still love. And the next part will be about how to be friends with an ex you’re NOT in love with. And yes, it’s going to be COMPLETELY different from asking a girl out for the first time. So, don’t get confused with this blog.

So, let’s begin with how to be friends with your ex who you are in love with. Here are the things that you need to ensure that are not happening on your end or the other one.

How to be friends with your ex with whom you’re in love with

See, considering the fact that you both have split up and now one of you is interested in getting some sort of bond again. If this is the scenario, then this part is for you. So, here are a few things that you need to find out between you both.

being friends with an ex you still love
  1. You both have understood why you broke up
  2. There is a mutual understanding that there’s no coming back
  3. No one is going to bring the topics of contention again

That’s it. If you guys meet these three parameters, you are fit for being friends with an ex you still love.

Set realistic boundaries between you both

When you’re trying to be friends with an ex, you really need to set boundaries at first. There are chances that you may follow the same way of talking or reacting the way you did when you were together. But sadly, this is not going to continue. When you both are making a pact between each other, you need to work on various factors including setting up boundaries and more.

how to stay friends with an ex you still love

For example, you can consider these things on which you can create your boundaries:

  1. Flirting
  2. Emotional talks
  3. Being stubborn on some common issues

These three areas would be something in which one of you may have problems. So, if you can, then you should talk about setting up these boundaries. Trust me, this is going to be the very base of your mutual understanding. And if done rightly, you both can do wonders as friends.

Accept the fact that you both aren’t meant to be

It’s genuinely very hard for people to accept the fact that you can’t be together as lovers. But, there’s also a chance that you can be way better as friends. If you really want to know how to be friends with your ex, you need to start with acceptance.

how to be friends with an ex you still love

When you guys have accepted that you aren’t going to make it as a couple, you can try out hundreds of different ways to try as friends, or even best friends. And if in future yours stars allow, you both can be more than friends. Who knows?

Before becoming friends with your ex, take some time

There’s this thing about the couples that we reviewed on our Social Media. Those who initiated or had the thought of starting a friendship right after the breakup, had a really terrible time at making the things work out. If you have also thought of being friends with an ex you still love, you must give both of you some time.

You can consider giving at least 5-6 months. Then, you can try reaching out to them with a simple hello. And see if they’re interested in talking to you. If you both are at the same pace, and level of understanding, you can think about taking it forward. Within a few hours or days, you can bang the nail by asking if she or he is interested in being friends after the breakup.

Being friends with an ex who can flirt or hookup with anyone

It’s going to be very hard for you to accept this thing. But, they may not be in love with you or vice-versa. Today, they can talk to you in the afternoon, and by evening, they’re free to go to a movie or a nightclub or anything.

being friends and flirting after breakup

So, there are chances that you can get jealous of them. And it’s fine to feel like that because you’re asking how to be friends with your ex you’re still in love with. But, you can’t really express how you feel. Because it may cause problems between you both.

But just in case, there’s a slight chance that the other person still has a soft corner for you, then you can absolutely take the chance.

You’re free to reply anytime, ignore any text, and more

As you are not their lover or the chances are, they are not in love with you, there’s a good chance that someone won’t be replying on time. Phones are in our hands 24×7. And we know that all of us check out messages from the notification panel, but we reply as we want. When it comes to being friends with an ex you still love, you need to know that they can reply to you as per their convenience.

how to text after breakup

Whether you were coworkers when you were dating, or still working together and thinking of dating each other, you both have to understand that you are free to reply anytime when you want to. So, even here you can see that coworking and dating can be rough on you.

You really need peace of mind now

If you guys have broken up, chances are that it’s because the bond was becoming toxic every passing day. So, when you both are deciding to be friends with each other again, you don’t want to skip out on your peace of mind. Well, if we conclude on how to be friends with an ex you still love, it’s going to be about peace of mind now.

how to be friends after breakup

So, you need to analyse your relationship with them. And think what part of your relationship made you both breakup. Was it the toxicity or anything else that made you split up? If you don’t know what’s toxicity, then it can vary from taunts, to random “non-offensive” abuses.

How to stay friends with an ex you still love?

Now, this is the main part why you are here. To know how to be friends with your ex who you still love, here are a few things you can do.

How long should I wait before texting my ex?

Wait for at least 5-6 months before texting them. If you have just split up, don’t be in a hurry to text again. But again, it also depends on your situation. Your ex might think that you guys have a chance and she or he may be waiting for you to make a move within the next few days.

How to behave with my ex after breakup?

Don’t jump on conclusions. There is a high chance that when you talk to your ex again, you can jump on any random conclusion because you want a clear yes or no reply on a lot of things. So, before opening your mouth, think about what you are going to say.

What topics should I avoid when I’m talking to my ex?

Don’t talk about anything that can trigger an emotion. You already know your ex. Being friends with an ex you still love can be a little too hard at times. Most of the people suck at it. A lot of people end up ruining the chances of being together as friends within the first 24 hours only. So when you say anything, ensure that you don’t end up triggering their one or two emotions which they really avoid at any cost.

How do I know I’m forcing a conversation with my ex?

Silence is going to be embarrassing. Even though both of you would want to talk again, but you won’t, because… why not? So, be prepared for the silent treatment at times, because nobody owes anyone right now.

How to talk my ex even if we broke up because of her?

You should talk politely. Even if it turns out that your ex started dating the guy you were scared of, or she did something wrong that made you split, you need to talk politely. You can make use of sarcasm, but try to refrain from talking rubbish. It doesn’t suit you.


So, this is how to be friends with your ex and the things that you need to be careful of. We believe that this blog is going to be very helpful as a lot of people have found it helpful on our social media accounts and DMs. You can also save the URL of this blog or Bookmark this link and share it with that ex with whom you are thinking of reuniting as friends. Make rules based on the blog that we have written for you and let us know about your experience via our Contact Us page or through our Social Media handles.

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