Should You Kiss On The First Date?

kiss on first date

If you ask someone whether you should kiss on first date, then you are sure to receive a lot of confusing answers. Some are going to tell you that it’s okay to kiss someone on the first date. Others may tell you to stick away from it. However, one thing that you don’t know and they don’t understand is that they are not in your shoes to completely judge and understand your situation.

Have you seen a Quiz Show on Television? Anything like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? You may have noticed how the contestants struggle to give answers to basic questions and you, on the other hand, in front of the Television give the answer so easily.

How is it that you can give the answer so easily. And those people who are taking part in the contest are finding it difficult? That’s because they know that if they give a wrong answer, they can lose all of their efforts, earning, and everything that helped them come here.

This is exactly your situation.

Only you know how much effort you have put in to make this date come true. Nobody else has a prick of an idea about your struggles, and all the things that you pushed to make this date become a reality. Hence, read this blog to the end for your question, “should you kiss on the first date?”

Do you kiss on the first date?

should you kiss on the first date

We asked people this question if they kissed on the first date, and here is the poll result.

71% people said that it’s not okay to kiss on the first date, and 29% people said that they’re fine with kissing on the first date.

No matter what percentage do people find it okay to kiss someone, there is still going to be someone who may not have the same ideology.

Now, it is absolutely a personal decision for someone to lean forward to share a kiss. But, it also depends on the receiver as well. The receiver may or may not like to be kissed by someone on the first date.

Should you kiss on the first date if you met online

Now, here’s the big deal about kissing someone on the first date, or even expecting to be kissed by someone on the first date, if you met them online.

In most of the cases, when people meet someone from the internet in real life, they are meeting to have an idea about the person. They just want to see how you are, how you actually look, your body odor, how you walk, the way you laugh, smile, hygiene, and all the other things like that.

Most of this won’t really matter in the long run, if the person you are with, is looking for a good character. But in the beginning, it can matter.

And let’s suppose you’re looking to date someone, only for a short time or for physical and sexual pleasures, then this will matter a lot.

Now comes the main question: Should I kiss someone on the first date if I met them online?

The answer is both yes and no.

You should not kiss someone on the first date if you met online, right in the beginning of the date. You’re not a celebrity that someone would like. It’s very unusual for people to be kissed like that from a stranger (well at least you were to some extent).

But, if you think that your date went well, you can go and hug your partner when the date is over and you’re parting your ways. Then, you can simply whisper in your partner’s ears if it’s okay for them if you kiss them. Or you can talk about it beforehand, one or two weeks prior to the date.

What are the signs you should kiss on first date

When you’re on your first date, and you’re with someone who you’re completely attracted towards, you need to take care of a few things before leaning forward to a kiss.

Here are the signs that answer: Do you kiss on your first date or not.

Body Movement

Keep an eye on the way your date is behaving. If you think that they’re being too touchy with you. This can be taken in a wrong sense as well. So, you have to see whether your date is trying to get close to you, and they’re really enjoying your party. You don’t know what’s going in the mind of someone, so take this decision wisely.

They cried for you

If you have had a terrible past or something like that, and you just told your date about it, and now they’re crying, take it as a sign. This person may mean a lot to you in future. So, you can expect a kiss on first date which may not go wrong. You should obviously ask for consent before doing that.

Your date is already attracted towards you

There may be a chance that you’re on a date with someone who’s already attracted towards you. This means that now that you’re thinking of giving a kiss of appreciation to them, they’ve already imagined you as their husband or wife. So, this could also be a strong sign that tells you should you kiss on the first date.

So, these were the three really strong signs that tell you if you could kiss on your first date.

Now that you have know whether kissing on first date is okay, some of you may be looking to read if men get emotionally attached after having sex.

Let us know how you liked this blog. Have you also kissed someone on your first date? Let us know about it. Write to us via our Contact Us page.

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