Does He Love Me – 12 Signs He Loves You!

Does he love me

When it comes to sensing the signs he loves you, girls are better at catching the hints dropped by guys, as compared to guys themselves. Oftentimes, a lot of girls get confused in the, “does he love me or does he not,” game.

There’s no joke or sarcasm in saying that it’s really tricky for a lot of girls out there when it comes to telling if he loves you. And in this blog, we are going to focus on this question asked by girls: whether he loves me or not.

Signs He Loves You

So, here’s the complete art of decrypting the signs he loves you.

He makes you believe you’re special

One of the first things to notice in a guy you’ve been talking to for months is that he’s trying to make you believe that you’re special. There are times when we underestimate ourselves and we don’t give us the love that we should receive. But, if you think you have found someone, he is going to make you believe that you’re special.

how to tell if he loves you

Mind you, there’s a slight difference between making you believe and tricking you.

Pro Tip: If this is just the beginning of your relationship, or a more-than-friendship relationship, you may need to give it some time to make a matured decision. Usually these things fade in some weeks. And if he does that for a longer period of time, it’s a clear sign that he loves you.

He can always find some time for you

If you ask me, does he love me or not, I’ll probably look at this one feature to give you an instant reply. I’ll go through all the times when I asked him to stay longer during the night when we’re talking or when I asked him if he can help me with my mental health issue or be it anything, I’ll consider them all.

how do you know he loves you

So, if he finds some time for you, then you can be rest assured that he is the one for you.

He never misses an opportunity to see you

Considering the times we are living in, we all have come to realize that we’ve been taking our meetings for granted. Weren’t we already? Yes, we were. Once everything settles down and things become normal, we’re going to meet each other more.

One of the signs he loves you

But, if you ask me one of the signs he loves me, then it’s going to be his ability to make time to see me in real life.

He calls you in his breaks

How do you know he loves you if he hasn’t called you in his office breaks, college intervals, or some really important work? There’s this really cute thing about boys and it’s that they are going to give you a call whenever they get time from their busy schedule. And one of the cutest signs he loves me is going to be when he calls me even when he has no work from me.

how to know he loves me

It’s okay that he forgets about you or anyone when he’s working. But, you can also call him. Because trust me, he’s going to love you even more knowing that you’re there and thinking about him. Yes, guys are bad at approaching girls. And this is why, if you can, then you should reach out to him via calls or texts.

You have your own little rituals

There’s this really cute thing about couples, and it’s the fact that they have their own little rituals or customs. Whether it’s about following a protocol that once started as a mistake, but now, it’s something that gives you a feeling of uniqueness. One of the clear signs he loves you is this one for sure. No guy would do something “stupid” everyday with a girl unless he feels that you have a bond.

Whether you are asking does he love me or whether he’s still figuring out, this one thing would be very helpful. If you both have your own little way for different things in life, it means you are on a serious path by making it fun.

You’re his best friend

What’s a relationship if you aren’t his best friend at all? How to tell if he loves you? Well, the path will never exclude you from being his best friend. It’s a very strange concept that people often feel scared of becoming best friends. And if you both are best friends already, then if you ask me is he in love with me, then I can absolutely say that even if he isn’t, you have a higher chance of making him fall for you.

He won’t forget the little moments

There may be moments when you’re talking, or going for a stroll and something happens that he would never forget from his eyes. Maybe it’s his silly jokes or it could be the way you responded to something he had been waiting to ask you for a long time. It could be anything that you wouldn’t believe he remembered it even after such a long time. And yes, it’s how even I can answer whether he loves me or not.

Silence won’t bother with him

does he love me or is he the right one for me

This is a very clear sign he loves you or you both feel things for each other. It’s the fact that when you are with him, you won’t care about silence anymore. It would be totally okay if you guys are just sitting in a part, on your rooftop, or anywhere else. Observing your surroundings would be an absolutely different experience with him and you are going to ask more of such time from him. Trust me, it can be very addictive.

His kisses are not about sexual pleasure anymore

You feel something very different whenever it’s about kissing him. Yes, in the beginning of almost any relationship, more than half of the kisses are about pleasing your sexual fantasies or satisfying your hormones. But, after some point of time, kisses or making out will no longer be about just anything. It’d mean the most to you. You’re going to feel an intense heat and chemistry that is going to say a lot of things about your present and future.

For sure, you won’t have to ask does he love me or not if you start observing your kisses from now onward.

Observe his behavior after you both get physical

We have written an entire section where we talk about whether men get emotionally attached after having sex. If you guys have been sexually active, then this is the most important blog that we can recommend you reading next! This will give you way deeper insights on whether he is only there for sexual pleasures or if it means more to him.

He has a habit of holding hands

signs of love

What’s wrong if he holds your hand in public places? Nothing, right? Rather it’s going to make you feel that he’s proud of you, and he feels that you’re worth showing to the world. You don’t need to worry or ask how to tell if he loves you, if he’s holding your hand in public places, he’s confident of you, and proud that you’re the one he’s found.

He considers or listens to your advice

It’s one of the best signs he loves you, and probably it also shows that he treats you equally, plus respects your opinion. On a lighter note, he’s scared of you. Well, jokes apart, if he takes your advice or your suggestions for anything that you give, you should take it as a green flag. Respect this side of him and at this very moment, he’s thinking of you as a companion. So, reciprocate like one.

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So, these were some of the best ways to find out the signs he loves you. It’s very tricky at times to understand the hints dropped by guys. Because they are often confused about how to express their feelings and emotions to their girl. If you liked this blog, feel free to share it with the one who you think should read it. You can also ask your questions to us via our Contact Us page or our Social Media platforms.

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