7 Hottest Disney Princess Ever. Period!


When it comes to Disney, one of the first things that come to anyone’s mind would be the legendary Mickey Mouse. But, Disney has not just limited itself to Mickey Mouse. Today, Disney is a world of glamour and hotness as well. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the Hottest Disney Princess based on how much people would want to see them.

Today, Disney is not only watched by kids, but the platform has still managed to retain the viewership of a high number of adults. And no wonder why they’re hooked on the platform, one of the genuine reasons are these Hottest Disney Characters.

Trust me on this, writing this blog has been very difficult because the priorities of people vary. In this blog, we have maintained some fine lines while judging these Disney Princesses.

Based on two metrics – hot and cute – we’re going to continue this blog. So, this section is going to be all about the Hottest Disney Princesses. And in the next section, we’ll talk about the Prettiest Disney Princess for whom you’re also here.


She may be one of the most known Disney Princesses ever. Rapunzel is that Disney Princess who helped her lover, Flynn climb the tower when he came to meet her. By the way, you can also check some more cool places to make out like Flynn and Rapunzel. If you can, then you should absolutely watch the movie Rapunzel and you’ll be amazed by her wittiness. Because of her wit and her glaring eyes, you’re absolutely going to love Rapunzel. And for sure, she is one of the Hottest Disney princesses.


Cinderella is one of the most celebrated Disney Princesses ever. From her age old famous story of that fitting shoe size, Cinderella shows the quality of a generous woman. A lot of people are highly inclined towards generosity. Thus, Cinderella made it to this list of Hottest Disney Princess. Plus, you’re going to be in love with Cinderella’s story if you know how her lover approached her.


There’s absolutely something about this cute Disney Princess. Whether you consider her chapped lips. Oh! Which, by the way makes it one of the very few reasons why she’s the hottest Disney Princess. Lips are one of the first things that men notice after the eyes of almost any girl. Belle has features of a Punjabi woman, this can be seen in her eyes, and cheeks. Yes, you can call Belle, as one of the most beautiful Disney Princess with slightly North Indian looks.


If you ask any guy why he didn’t watch the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid in front of his parents, then the answer would be the introduction of Bikini in the name of Cartoons. No doubts, Ariel would have been the first crush for almost every child. She’s a mermaid who wears sea-shells to cover her breasts. Plus, no one has seen her legs as of yet. She looks cute, no doubt. Despite wearing a “natural” bikini, she can’t be called the hottest Disney Princess. Based on her looks and nature, she’s the Prettiest Disney Princess for sure.


If you’re a fan of Brown girls, you’re absolutely going to love Jasmine! Jasmine is by far the Hottest Disney Princess we’ve known. Whether we talk about her features, or nature, Jasmine is surely someone you’d want to stay in your life. Featured in the popular movie, Aladdin, Jasmine is someone who was passionately in love with him. You can see a beautiful role being played by a real actress in the movie, “Aladdin,” as well.


So far, we have only talked about the Hottest Disney Princesses, but Elsa is someone more than that. Elsa is someone who renounced her royal life to live a regulated life. She had superpowers that could freeze an entire nation. In the midst of summers, Elsa froze an entire nation with her superpowers. Real love is not finding love of your own life, but helping others find the love of their life. Elsa, in the end, helped her sister find her love. Thus, Elsa becomes the cutest Disney Princess ever. In case you’re still wondering how to know if he’s the one, check this out.


She’s the younger sister of Elsa, and is someone with whom a majority of the viewers would relate to. Anna is someone who believed in the idea that good people exist, and it’s her nature that would make you wish you had an Anna in your life. For sure, this makes Anna as the hottest and the cutest Disney Princess ever.

So, these were some of the hottest, cutest, and Prettiest Disney Princesses. If you liked this blog, then you can absolutely share it with your Disney Fan Friends. Also, if you feel like we should also add some other Disney Princess, then you can let us know about it via our Contact Us page or Instagram and we’ll ensure we update it as soon as possible.

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