Struck Dating App Review – Astrology Dating App

Struck Astrology Dating App Review

In this growing digitization, why should dating be left behind? The past decade has seen many dating apps, but hardly anything like an astrology dating app.

Let’s be honest, these dating apps can be exhausting and quite confusing. Even after swiping through 100s of profiles you hardly get anyone that is compatible with, or someone who matches you perfectly. Even with so much digitization and increasing scientific approaches, there are many of us who still believe in astrology when it comes to businesses or even relationships. And today is the day when we have seen something like an astrology-based matchmaking app.

Struck Astrology Dating App

Even on a daily basis, we often find ourselves reading our horoscopes, our loved ones’ horoscopes, or even our crushes’. And this is what this dating app took too seriously.

How Struck Astrology Dating App Works?

Though Struck – the astrology dating app is now only available in a few parts of the USA, it has already gained a lot of attention from people who actually believe in astrology. People are tired of the way hundreds and thousands of people have registered on regular apps, considering the fact that they may miss out on their opportunity to introduce themselves to their partner.

Struck Astrology Match Making App

This zodiac dating app is now available only on iOS. You can download and install Struck Dating App from the App Store for free.

The makers of Struck said that they wanted to build an app that is more intentional, fruitful and impactful, unlike other Dating Apps.

Struck is an astrology dating app that reads your birth charts, and finds you a compatible match according to your astrology signs. It gives you a maximum of 4 matches per day that you get to choose from. Each of these matches are only showcased after a thorough research based on your stars, sun sign, moon sign, and many other factors. So, whoever that deems right fit for you as per the cosmic manifestation, is shown to you. Then, it’s up to you to match with them or not.

And then you can approach them the right way and it may work out! And when you’re done talking to them for some time, you can read how to know if he’s the one for you.

Struck Dating App Review

This lets the confusion of choosing from over thousands of swipes, flush. Struck dating app makes conversations easier, as you only have a few people you can talk to. This way you can give the match you chose some more time and get to know each other better, and beyond just your likes and dislikes.

Final Words on the Struck Dating App

App Size131 MB
Apple App Store Rating4.0/5.0
DatingsApp Rating4.0/5.0

Struck astrology based dating app takes off your valuable time by crushing the swipe system!

All you get is a handful of profiles everyday in your vicinity who look perfect based on your astrology!

If you feel like your parents won’t allow certain zodiac signs people as your partner, or maybe you don’t want that, then you can surely use this app!

Struck Dating App

When the phrase is said, “matches are made in heaven.” Well, Struck astrology based dating app can really make it easier for you! You can at least give it a shot in order to see if matches are really made in heaven or on Struck? *Wink wink*

If you have grown beyond looks, social life, likes, dislikes, and other things that are available on hundreds of dating sites, then you must give it a shot to Struck!

Check out Struck Dating App’s website here. Download the Struck Dating App here.

If you have tried this App, feel free to let us know about the App via out Contact Us section and we would include your experience on this space.

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